SEO Tips for Small Business, Google & Facebook Redesign

A summary of news and articles published on our Hebrew internet marketing blog on March 2014 including small business SEO tips, Facebook pages redesign, Google search results redesign and Pinterest advertising.

Tips for Small Business SEO

SEO is one of the most important aspects in the marketing strategy of small businesses. Using some simple steps, including on-page SEO, local directory submission and blogging, a business can improve its search engine visibility and at the same time support its presence in social media, review sites and off-line.

Full post: Small & Local Business SEO

Facebook Business Page Update, the End of Facebook Organic Reach

Facebook announced updating the layout for brand pages, removing the two-column design with a single-column flow, similar to the personal profiles’ layout. In addition, a new report by social@Ogilvy indicates a continuous decline in the organic reach of Facebook page posts and predicts the demise of Facebook organic marketing

Full post: Facebook Marketing News

App Content Search using Google Search Engine

Google may be the leading search engine in mobile devices, but most mobile users consume their content via applications and use search engines less often. According to Search Engine Land, Google are trying to deal with this challenge by indexing application based content, including deep links (currently, only from Android devices).

Full post: Google to index Mobile App Content

Google removes Underlined Links

Google announced changing the search results and removing the underline mark for links, the last characteristic remained from the search engine’s early days. In addition, Google increased the titles’ font size and added “Ad” tags to paid search results

Full post: Google Search Results Redesign

Google Redesign Effect on SEO

Google’s search results redesign is not just cosmetic but it also affects SEO; by increasing the title’s font size the titles got shorter and titles optimized for 70 characters are now cut, what can lower CTR and affect SEO efforts negatively. This topic was reviewed by Search Engine Watch and Moz.

Full post: SEO Titles following Google Redesign


Promoted Pins coming to Pinterest

Pinterest will offer its advertising product Promoted Pins to wider audiences of brands and advertisers starting next month, according to Marketing Land and Wall Street Journal. Promoted Pins will be available on the website and mobile app and apparently the payment models will be CPM and CPC.

Full post: Pinterest Advertising is coming Soon

Is Google Pushing Paid Results on New Redesign?

When Google announced redesigning the search results they spoke about readability and consistency. eyequant suggests Google had better reasons for redesigning the paid search results and that the new design draws users’ intention to the top paid results in a clever and sophisticated way, without irritating the users or betraying their “Don’t be evil” motto.

Full post: Google Adwords New Design

Facebook answers Questions about Brand Pages Redesign

Facebook recently announced updating business pages design, cancelling the two-column layout and merging to one. Following page owners and Facebook marketers responses, Facebook posted answers to some of the most frequently asked questions, including the left column layout, applications and tabs and the new marketing tool Pages to Watch.

Full post: Facebook Pages Redesign Q&A

Internet Marketing News November: Facebook Q3 Revenue, Google Hummingbird & CRO

Search marketing news, articles and guide published on our Hebrew internet marketing blog on November 2013 including Facebook mobile advertising revenue, keyword research and social media marketing in the post Google Hummingbird era and optimization for tablets.


Facebook Q3 Revenue

Facebook earned more than 2 billion dollars on 2013 Q3, making it the most profitable quarter in the social network history. 1.8 billion dollar of Facebook revenue was from advertising – a growth of 66% from 2012 Q3. About half of the advertising revenue was from mobile devices – a growth of 41% from 2013 Q2.


Full post: Facebook Revenue from Mobile Advertising Grows

Keyword Research & Content after Google Hummingbird

Google’s new Hummingbird algorithm is alive for some time, but search marketers are still not sure how it will change SEO. The main debate is about the effectiveness of keyword research and content creation in the post-Hummingbird, especially since the organic keyword data is disappearing from the analytics report.

Full post: Hummingbird and Keywords

Tools and Methods for Conversion Optimization

Conversion optimization or conversion rate optimization (CRO) refer to all the marketing, research and analysis done to improve the number of converting visitors to the site, visitors who purchase items, download an application, sign up to a newsletter, etc. Conversion Optimization basically focuses on identifying the obstacles for conversion and removing them.


Full post: Conversion Rate Optimization Guide

Hummingbird, Social Signals & Links

The SEO industry is still trying to predict the influence of Google Hummingbird on search marketing. According to an interesting assumption published on Search Engine Land Google’s new search algorithm would change the way social signals effect search engine rankings.

Full post: Algorithm Hummingbird & SMO

Social Media Statistics & Online Marketing Strategy

Social media managers can improve their marketing strategy by following demographic data and behavior statistics published by the different social networks. Fast Company published some statistical data about Facebook, Linkedin, YouTube and other social sites which can assist your social media marketing campaigns.

Full post: Social Media Marketing using Statistics

Tablet Optimization

Mobile SEO usually refers to both smartphone and table optimization, but statistics show significant differences between users’ behavior in different mobile devices. Tablets users usually search the internet from home, often while watching the TV. Another data worth mentioning is that by 2015 tablet usage is expected to go over desktops and laptops.

Full post: Tablet-friendly Websites Optimization


Internet Marketing News October 2013

International SEO and keyword research, Google Analytics new acquisition reports, Facebook advertising during the holiday season and other internet marketing issues published on our Hebrew internet marketing blog in October 2013:

image: tinyforglet/Flickr

International & Multilingual websites using the hreflang tag

Google Webmaster Central Blog uploaded an instructional video focusing on technical SEO for international and multilingual websites and including recommendations for webmasters who target several countries and languages. The video explains how and when to use the rel=”alternate” hreflang tag, which was designed to signal Google search engine about additional versions of a website, in different languages or targeting different countries.

Full post: Google guidance for International SEO

Geographic Targeting on Google New Keyword Tool

Google new keyword tool, the Keyword Planner, offers several features that help in local targeting and can be used in international SEO and PPC. Following webcertain group post, we discussed language and geographic targeting options and local keywords using Google Keyword planner.

Full post: Google Keyword Planner for International SEO

Google Analytics New Navigation and Traffic Reports

Google announced changing the navigation menu in Google Analytics and adding two new reports: acquisition overview and acquisition channels. These acquisition reports replace the old traffic report and they are part of bigger change, which also includes the omission of the organic search keywords.

Full post: Google Analytics New Acquisition Report

Google+ User Profiles will be used by Advertisers

Google announced expanding Google+ Shared Endorsement feature, allowing advertisers to use users’ profile pictures, +1s, comments, reviews, ratings and other social interaction for commercial purposes. Google+ users can opt out of appearing on brands’ business pages, but social activity such as rating and reviewing can also appear on Google shopping search results.

Full post: Google+ “Shared Endorsements” Advertising

Bing Search Engine Ranking Factors

Searchmetrics published its SEO ranking factors report for Bing. An examination of about 10,000 keywords and 300,000 websites on Bing 30 top search results showed a high correlation between social media signals and (mainly Google+) and incoming links and top rankings on Bing search results. The report also showed that there’s a huge difference between Google first page results and Bing.

Full post: SEO Ranking Factors on Bing Search Engine

Facebook Advertising on 2013 Q4

The fourth quarter of the year is an important period for advertisers, and according to statistics, Facebook is going to be a very crowded and competitive advertising platform. Nanigans’ Facebook Advertising Benchmark Report shows that Facebook users’ engagement, CTR and ROI are increasing. Facebook simplification of the advertising process and its recent news feed algorithm changes could also lead to an increase in Facebook advertising, including page post promotions.

Full post: Facebook Year-End Advertising – Data & Tips

How Hummingbird will change SEO?

Although Google’s new search algorithm Hummingbird implications on search results are not seen yet, its semantic and voice search will probably change searchers’ behavior and SEO strategies. Natural language search queries will replace keyword searching and search marketing professional will be required to provide relevant content to answer those queries. Top ranked websites may lose traffic as Google advanced search features (such as the Knowledge Graph) provide visual and detailed answers.

Full post: Google Hummingbird Algorithm and SEO

Google Penguin 2.1

Penguin 2.1, Google fifth Penguin algorithm update, was released early October. Similar to previous Penguin updates, Penguin 2.1 focused on webspam activity, mainly websites with unnatural backlink profile and low quality content, but it seem more aggressive, focusing mainly on deep links.

Full post: How to Recover from Google Penguin 2.1

Google Webmaster Tools New Security Issues Section

Google announced adding a new section to Webmaster Tools, Security Issues, replacing the former Malware part at the Health section and allowing webmasters to find out about malware, hacked sites, spam and other security issues, recognizing the issues using snippet codes and submitting review request on one page.

Full post: Google WMT Security Issues

Internet Marketing News September 2013

A summary of internet marketing news and guides published on our Hebrew internet marketing blog in September 2013:

Facebook Updates Privacy Documents

Following the court settlement over Facebook “Sponsored Stories” lawsuit, the social network has updated its users’ privacy documents, especially the parts about users’ private data and the way it could be used by brands for commercial purposes. In short, by “liking” a page, Facebook users allow the liked brand to use their personal data (name, profile picture and posts) on Facebook ads.

Full post: Facebook: Brands can use your Private Data

Rosh Hashanah Blessing

Nekuda’s traditional Rosh Hashanah blessing for the Jewish New Year, this year featuring some Facebook celebrities, meme icons and other addictions.

Google+ News: Automatic Authorship & Embed Posts

Google announced adding new features to Google+: an automatic integration to Google Authorship Program, in the meantime only on WordPress and Typead blogging platforms, and an ability to embed Google+ posts on any external websites.

Full post: Automatic Google Authorship & Embedded Google+ Posts

Facebook Promoted Posts New Study

A new study by Wisemetrics about Facebook Promoted Posts proves that promoting page posts does not affect the organic reach of the page. The study found that the organic traffic of paid and unpaid posts is about the same.

Full post: Facebook Promoted Posts doesn’t affect Organic Reach

Google Trends Top & Trending Charts

Google Trends new tool, Top Charts, displays lists of the most searched search words in the US, sorted by different topics including athletes, car companies, business people, countries and more. Now the tool has a new feature, the trending button displaying the most talked about people and subjects at the moment. A new feature on Google Trends Hot Searches displays the most popular search terms for the previous month.

Image: Inside Search

Full post: Google Trends displays Trending Search Terms

Google Webmaster Tools Markup Data Helper

Google introduced a new schema markup tool, designed to help webmasters to mark structured data for various types of content including articles, events, restaurants, local businesses and others without messing with the code. The Markup Data Helper is available via Google Webmaster Tools.

Full Post: Guide to Schema Markup using Google Markup Data Helper

The End of Keyword Reports on Google Analytics

Google will encrypt all searches starting December. From the search marketer perspective, this decision means that Google analytics organic search report will display 100% “not provided” keywords. We look at the alternatives according to MOZ and ask about the reasons for Google decision: privacy issues or Google adwords promotion?

Google will encrypt all search terms – 100% not provided organic data

Introduction to Google Hummingbird

Google introduced a brand new search algorithm – Google hummingbird – which replaces the old algorithm and designed to answer complex search queries. Its main innovation is the conversational search which combines voice search with semantic and local search, and is no longer limited to Google knowledge graph. According to Search Engine Land, the new algorithm will not have an effect on SEO.

Full post: Google’s New Search Algorithm – Hummingbird

Internet Marketing News August 2013

A summary of internet marketing news and guides published on our Hebrew internet marketing blog in August 2013:

SEO Agency, In-House SEO or Freelancer?

Organic SEO is an essential internet marketing channel, and small and large websites soon discover that being on the first SERP is worthwhile. The question is how: should you build an in-house SEO team, hire an SEO agency or a freelancer? We discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each option.

Full post: SEO Consultancy Options

Facebook updates News Feed Algorithm

Facebook announced updating the News Feed algorithm and adding two new factors that affect the ranking of friends’ and business pages on users’ News Feeds: Story Bumping, which highlights old stories that are still popular, and Last Actor, which ranks the posts in real time.

Image: Facebook

Full post: Facebook New News Feed Algorithm

Google Page Speed Recommendations for Mobile Sites

Google announced their official recommendations for mobile sites’ page speed, and updated PageSpeed Insights, the free tool that provides advice on how to improve page upload time in both mobile and desktop sites.

Full post: Google updated Mobile Sites Page Speed Guidance

New Research about Users’ Behavior in Smartphones and Tablets

A new Nielsen research reveals the differences between smartphone users and tablet users in mobile shopping behavior: tablet users tend to buy online more than smartphone owners, and both users would usually use their mobile devices for shopping from home.

Full post: Tablet and Smartphone Users’ Mobile Shopping Habits

Internet Marketing Expertise in 2013

Internet marketing experts in 2013 have to be able to adjust to the frequent changes in Google algorithm and webmaster guidelines as well as to technology trends. A list of the most important fields of expertise required from internet marketing experts in 2013 will help you choose one for your online business.

Full post: Internet Marketing Experts 2013

New Experiment in Google Search Results

Google’s new experiment displays annotated search results with additional information about the sites. The information is displayed in an overlay window and it is drawn from Wikipedia or other external sources, but never from the site itself.

Full post: Google tests a new Search Results Tool

In-depth Articles in Google Search Results

Google added in-depth articles, a new search results box, currently only on in English. The in-depth articles appear at the same column as regular results, but they are not a part of the organic search results. Appearing on the in-depth articles section requires using and Google authorship markups (and obviously, writing in-depth articles).

Full post: Google Search Results In-depth Articles Section

Google Authorship FAQ

Google answered some of the most frequently asked questions regarding Google Authorship: which pages qualify for Google Authorship, how to block it from the search results, the differences between rel=publisher and rel=author tags and more.

Full post: Google answers Google Authorship Questions

Detailed Definitions on Google Search Results

Google announced updating the web definitions interface of search results in English. Improved Google definitions include synonyms, examples of word usage in sentences, words’ origins, translation to over 60 languages and a graph that displays the word’s popularity in the last 200 years.

Full post: Google to replace Internet Dictionary?

Facebook News: New Algorithm, Collaboration with Shutterstock

Facebook announced on a new news feed algorithm, developed to identify quality content using users’ feedback and about thousand different factors. Also, advertisers on Facebook will gain a free access to Shutterstock bank of images for all types of Facebook ads.

Full post: Facebook News for Advertisers and Page Owners


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