Google penalty is SEO’s worst nightmare. Whether it is a manual penalty or a Google algorithm update, the result could be a significant drop in search engine results ranking, and as a result – a drop in traffic and sales. Continue reading about 9 of the biggest Google penalties and algorithm updates.

google penalties and algorithm updates

9 Google Penalties and Algorithm Updates

  1. 1. Low Quality Penalty

A manual Google Penalty focused on websites that offer low quality, duplicated or automated content.

  1. 2. Spam Penalty

Google penalty given to websites with plenty of copied or scraped content, or to websites that use cloaking methods to hide links and deceive visitors.

  1. 3. Unnatural Links Penalty

This Google penalty usually refers to links bought or built in bulk without any logical relationship between the linking source and the linked site.

  1. 4. Mobile Usability Penalty

Also known as Mobilegeddon, this Google penalty is focused on non-mobile friendly websites.

  1. 5. Panda Update

The most famous Google algorithm update, Panda focused on low quality content and created quite a stir in its days.

  1. 6. Penguin Update

Another notorious Google algorithm update, Penguin focused on low quality backlinks.

  1. 7. Hacked Sites Penalty

Google may penalize a hacked site and remove its entire content from the index.

  1. 8. DMCA Penalty

Google may penalize a website that copied content and breached the Digital Millennium Copyright Act by removing it from the search results.

  1. 9. Fred Update

The latest major Google algorithm update for now, Fred hit websites with low quality content, lots of ads and affiliate links, and dubious backlink profile.

Bing Adwords and SEO for Bing, Microsoft’s search engine, are not very common online marketing channels in Israel. Still, the Bing Global Team invited some of the international digital marketing agencies in Israel to the Breakfast with Bing event, and introduced them to the Bing Network, the recent changes in Bing Adwords, future plans and its benefits comparing to the famous competitor.

As for November 2016, Google dominates 63.7% of the US search market (in desktop, home and work locations), about twice as Microsoft’s Bing share (31.9%). However, according to Bing, the search engine audience may be smaller, but bigger in spending: unique searchers on Bing Network spend 25% more than the average internet searcher. Bing’s global market share is estimated at 8.4%, and it is higher in countries such as Canada (15.7%), United Kingdom (23.3%), France (15.8%), Germany (12.3%), Australia (14.2%) and Taiwan (27.2%).

Additionally, the CPC (Cost Per Click) in most industries is lower comparing to Google.

bing adwords cpc vs google

Bing is also increasing its share in mobile search. In the US alone, 28% of the searches come from mobile devices across all operating systems: about 220 million searches come from Windows Phones every month, 300 million searches from Android devices and about 1 billion searches from iOS devices.

Bing mobile

Bing search advertising is also evolving to meet with the users’ behavior in the mobile era and shifting the focus from keywords to buyers’ intention and users’ experience and taking advantage of advanced technologies such as programmtatic and digital assistants.

Bing search marketing

Some of Bing’s Advertising Updates in 2016:

The updated Bing Adwords interface allows advertisers to get insights directly from the Campaign workplace, download the data in the Campaigns’ page grids and compare performance metrics to previous time period.

Bing adwords 2017

New automation tools allow users to choose autobidding strategy for various campaign goals (maximize clicks or conversion, set target CPA), and by that improve ROI in Bing advertising.

Bing adwords updates

The Multi-account management tool was designed for agencies and it allows them to manage several Bing Adwords accounts using one login, and offers several features to make it easier to share, manage billing, payments, budgets and users.

Shared Budgets is a new feature that allows advertisers to spend all of the assigned budgets. Meaning, you can set a daily budget that will apply to more than one campaign in the same account. If some of the daily budget was left unused, it will be reallocated between all the campaigns. By that, advertisers will have less unused budget, they will spend less time on dividing budget between different campaigns and improve performance for the most efficient campaigns.

Bing’s new and upgraded URL tracking method offers a simpler way to manage tracking by dividing the landing page URL to 2 fields: the final URL and the template parameters. Additionally, advertisers can set a unique URL for mobile users, so once an ad was clicked from a mobile device the users will be redirected to a mobile friendly page.

bing adwords new url

New Bing Ads Formats & Extensions:

Dynamic Search Ads: ads that draws information from the website’s content instead of using keywords. For example, instead of mentioning a sale in general, the dynamic ad would include detailed information about the specific products and discount.  Advertisers can set specific webpages and categories, and the headlines will be created dynamically using different matching keywords.

Bing dynamic search ads

Structured Snippet Extensions: ad extensions that allow advertisers to highlight up 10 specific products or services in the ad copy, and by that improve engagement and CTR.

Bing ad extensions

Action Extensions: Ad extensions that include a call to action button. Advertisers can choose between 17 action types (including Book Now, Browse, Download, Compare, Sign Up, Shop Now, Learn More and others), or create a custom call to action.

Dynamic Product Extension: a type of visual ad extension that allows advertisers to display products and services below the text ad.

Bing dynamic product ads

App Install Ads: Bing Ads that encourage mobile app installation using an automatic detection of the users’ mobile device type and sending them straight to the relevant app store without wasting clicks on website visits.

bing app install ads

Remarketing in Paid Search: Bing allows advertisers to create remarketing lists based on their website’s visits and associate those lists to the remarketing ad groups by customizing bids, ads and keywords.

In the future, Bing plans to add more shopping features to its advertising network, including product ads snapshots, merchant promotions, priced drop alerts and more.

Bing shopping ads 2017

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Best of SMX Israel 2015


A roundup of the best sessions and discussions in SMX Israel 2015, including the best tips about mobile SEO, search marketing in Hebrew, Google penalties recovery, search advertising, Google analytics and future of Search. .

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Facebook launches Tools for Local Business

facebook local features

Facebook announced launching two tools for local business marketing: Local Insights – a free analytics tool which shows businesses demographic data about the users around their store and Local Awareness Ads targeted at multi-location businesses.

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Google’s First Open Code System

Google announced opening the code of TensorFlow, the company’s machine learning system, used to interpret search queries, voice recognition, image search, language translation and more. Who will be the first to track Google’s ranking algorithm?

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Apple updates Appstore Ranking Algorithm

App developers have recently noticed a significant change in the appstore search results, especially in the higher results. According to experts, Apple started to take in account variables such as keywords and titles, and some even suspect that Apple is working on its own version of Google PageRank algorithm.

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SEO for Local Business

local SEO

image: MOZ

There are significant differences between local marketing strategy and standard online marketing, and there are also unique ranking factors and unique search results for local business. In this local SEO guide we review all the tactics to help rank your business on Google local search results.

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Getting Ready for Google Penguin

Google approved releasing a new Penguin update before the end of 2015. It means that many websites will be able to recover from the previous update, while other websites might be penalized. Even if you didn’t build spam links on purpose, it’s a good opportunity to clean the website before Penguin 4.0 arrival.

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Google released New Search Quality Guidelines

Google released its updated version of Search Quality Rating Guidelines. The 160-page PDF file explains the team of quality raters how to evaluate search results, and it also allows to track the mind of Google’s leaders and learn about the updated criteria for search engine rankings. SEMPost got hold of the unofficial guidelines and posted a summary of its main updates.

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Google redesigned Google Local for Businesses

Google redesigned its social network, Google Plus, including Google My Business pages, used for brands and local business. Following the new design many of the unique features for businesses were removed including users’ rating and reviews, categories, maps, directions, opening hours and integration with Google Analytics and other applications.

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Everything that happened in the search marketing industry on October 2015 and was reviewed in our Hebrew internet marketing blog:

Facebook to compete with YouTube and Amazon

Facebook continues to expand to different areas in the virtual space, and it recently announced adding new ecommerce and video features: catalogue-style Canvas ads, a new shopping section and several video related features such as a “Save for later” button.

Facebook ecommerce features

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Wix Sites removed from Google Index

Many sites build by the popular web platform Wix were removed from Google search results recently. Google was working to find a solution.

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Facebook to compete with Google Search

Facebook is planning to compete with Google in the area of real-time news search, and online search in general. Facebook announced showing all public posts in search results, instead of showing only friends’ and followed pages results as before.

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All about Google RankBrain

Google RankBrain algorithm

Google revealed using a machine learning artificial intelligence system known as RankBrain, which assists in ranking the search results. Search Engine Land posted an article with all the known information about Rankbrain and its influence on SEO.

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Anatomy of a Search Engine


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A summary of the posts published on our Hebrew internet marketing blog on August and September 2015.

Facebook News for August 2015

On August 2015 Facebook announced 5 notable updates including opening its Messenger app to non-users; testing Lead Ads and the See First feature, which enable users to manually rank their newsfeed updates and redesigning Facebook Power Editor and Ads Manager.


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Google Ranking Factors for 2015

MOZ’s 2015 Search Engine Ranking Factors report was released right before the end of the Jewish year, containing data collected from more than 150 SEO professionals, a forecast for the next year and a correlation study. As in previous years, links, keywords and content are still correlated with high rankings while spam links, duplicate and thin content have negative effect on Google rankings.

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Guide to Search Experience Optimization (SXO)

You’ve probably heard that content is king, but how can you define a good content and measure its quality? An article on Search Engine Land suggests focusing on improving the searchers’ experience and providing answers to their questions. In other words, transitioning from SEO to SXO.

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Google’s New Logo

Only a month after announcing about a dramatic company reconstruction, Google announced changing its logo, making it softer, simpler and more visible on smartphones and small screens.


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Media Consumption in Israel 2015 (Google Partners Conference)

A new study by Google about media consumption in Israel was presented at the annual Google Partners’ conference and showed the growth of content consumption on the internet and mobile devices.

google partners3

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Advertising on Gmail opened on Google Adwords

Gmail advertising is no longer on beta, and is now opened to all Google Adwords advertisers. The Gmail ads will appear at the top of the Promotions tab and include two parts: the collapsed ad, which looks like a native email message, and the expanded ad that can be opened to a full landing page, with rich media, call to action and more.

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Instagram Advertising opens on Israel

Facebook announced opening Instagram advertising in Israel on September 30, 2015 and provided tips and guidelines to businesses and brands that wish to integrate Instagram on their online marketing strategy.

Instagram advertising - goals

Full post: Advertising on Instagram


How Google indexes Deep Links on Apps

Since Google started indexing deep links in apps (both Android and iOS apps) a new challenge was added to app developers and internet marketers: how to improve app content on Google search? An article on Search Engine Land explains how Google indexes app screens and what you can do to get your app content indexed and ranked by Google.

Full post: App Indexing on Google Search



New on Google Adwords: Customers Match

Google announced a new advertising product – Customer Match, which allows advertisers to upload a list of emails and target their campaigns accordingly, similar to Facebook’s Custom Audiences tool.

Full post: Customers Match on Google Adwords



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