Chatbot Marketing

Until recently, the chatbots played a minor role in digital marketing, but in the last year or two the chatbots, mainly Messenger chatbots but not exclusively, became one of the leading trends in the industry. The number of Messenger bots tripled itself within a year, and by the end of 2017 Messenger had more than 100,000 chatbots.

Meet Betty, our chatbot:


Chatbot (also known as simply bot) is a computer program designed to communicate (by text or speech) with users (humans or other bots). The role of bots in digital marketing can start from basic customer service to sales and advanced branding tool. Some of the biggest brands, such as Apple Music, Uber and others found creative ways to use bots to increase sales, improve customers’ engagement and learn more about the target audience.

Do you want to use chatbots for marketing and branding?

nekuda offers bot building and customizing services. We build and customize the bot together with the client, after learning about the brand and its target audience. Our bot services include:

– Market research: during this stage we will learn who your target audience is, do they use Messemger, and how a bot can add value to your relationship.

– Building the bot: this stage includes planning and designing the bot, writing its texts and automatic replies and more.

– Marketing of the bot.

– Bot maintatiance, tracking its interactions with users and optimization.