Ecommerce SEO

SEO for ecommerce websites (online shops or virtual shopping sites) is much more complicated than SEO for a blog or a company website with only a few pages. Although SEO for ecommerce has the same principles as SEO for any other purposes. For example, you are still required to implement unique meta tags, make sure the navigation is user-friendly and that the loading time is minimal. But the multiple product pages and category pages and the internal search that characterizes virtual shops can cause many problems when optimizing the site for Google search.

Additionally, ecommerce for SEO requires special attention to usability issues and conversion rate optimization; what’s the point of high rankings on Google’s search results if visitors leave the shopping cart empty?

nekuda has managed several SEO, PPC and Facebook marketing project for large ecommerce sites, and we can identify the obstacles and find the solutions. Working together, you are guaranteed to see an increase in traffic, conversions and sales.