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Gilad Sasson lives and breathes digital since his return from a trip to South America, sometime in the end of the previous millennium, when snail mail was faster than what was then known as the Internet.

He started his career in slicing and processing Photoshop images for HTML pages, quickly realized that it’s not his calling and moved to copywriting and content management (a significantly better match).
Gilad discovered SEO while promoting affiliate sites in search engines such as Excite, HotBot, AltaVista, Yahoo and others, and then in Google, the search engine that transformed the search market and Gilad (also known as algoholic). Researching the new online search environment brought Gilad to plan and develop search engines, optimize websites for search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Walla and others, management of full and complicated projects that included web building, client generation, media buying, analysis and more. In 2002-2006 he managed the internet sphere of Zap Group, and in 2006-2009, he was the head of search and later chief marketing officer of Interlogic, an international gaming firm.

Gilad, currently managing nekuda and also advising companies and startups about digital marketing. He is considered a top expert in the field of digital marketing in general, and especially in search engine marketing. Although he is not always happy with his career choice, he usually enjoys the work and its challenges. He is terrified from understanding the actual power of the digital advertising corporations, but at the same time enjoys the changes and new opportunities they brought to the advertising industry.


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