Instagram Marketing

Instagram is not only a social network for image sharing, but also an effective and popular marketing platform. Many brands and businesses use Instagram marketing to promote products or services, raise brand awareness, reach more potential clients and generate more conversions.

שיווק באינסטגרם


As or 2017, Instagram has more than 700 million monthly active users, who upload over 95 million posts a day. During the last five years, Instagram saw the largest users’ growth in all age groups, but especially among teenagers and young adults: more than 50% of 18-29 years old use Instagram.

The Instagram rush offers many marketing opportunities to brands, but also create a huge competition. The engagement rate of users in brand’s accounts is higher in Instagram comparing to other social networks. Still, posting beautiful images will not guarantee your success on Instagram; a successful Instagram marketing campaign is usually a result of a calculated strategy, a unique and identified brand identity with a creative, visual base, and an effective community management.