Content Marketing

Content marketing is a term that describes different types of marketing efforts that focus on creation and distribution of content. Content is an essential part in every search engine optimization strategy, and it also plays an important role in branding and social media marketing.

Content marketing is not necessarily limited to textual content, and it can include visual content such as video, gifs and infographics, audio content such as podcasts and more. Some of the most popular types of content marketing include live video broadcasts, long-form guides and case studies.

Content marketing has many benefits (especially comparing to traditional marketing, which is often found intrusive). Content marketing gives the potential client added value and can lead them to spend hours consuming the content; it can teach the customers about the importance of your products or services and builds a mutual relationship with the users. Content marketing is also a cost-effective way to increase website’s traffic, improve organic search results ranking, sharing and engagement on social networks.