Facebook Advertising

Facebook is the largest social network online. In 2017 it reached 2 billion monthly active users and 1.3 million daily users. Almost every internet user has a Facebook account, which means that your target audience is most likely to be found there. Advertising on Facebook can help brands and businesses to reach them.

Facebook advertising allows you to reach highly targeted audience and to establish a relationship with your current customers and future ones. Since Facebook marketing focuses mainly on client relationship management, you can use the advertising tools to strengthen the relationship with the page’s fans, and maybe even convert them into engaged fans and active customers.

Advertising Options on Facebook

Facebook offers several advertising tools, which match the marketing goals: from promoting the Facebook page to increasing sales or an application, website traffic, app downloads, Facebook page engagement, video views and more.

Facebook is an efficient and effective marketing tool, but the amount of advertising and targeting options can confuse inexperienced advertisers and prevent them from reaching the full potential of advertising on Facebook. nekuda has vast experience in advertising on Facebook for several clients from various industries, and we hold the prestigious Facebook Blueprint badge. Contact us to learn more about the best advertising solutions for your goals.