Creative & Digital Branding

Ever since the smartphone was invented and gradually took over our life, branding became more complicated and challenging. Today, every brand, business or individual who aspire to distinguish themselves from their peers are required to divide their identity to several web platforms (official website, Facebook page, YouTube channel, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat and more), to maintain a consistent design language, clear messages and at the same time to invent themselves for each platform and the habits and expectations of its users.

The mobile era created new ways to reach potential customers and engage with them, and it also changed the users’ behavior. At the same time, the competition became tougher in almost every field, and a new generation of sophisticated customers was born.

And how it is all related to branding and creative? Whether your target audience can vaguely remember pre-digital life or not, they are probably surrounded by thousands of different messages. If you want to reach your potential clients and move them to choose you over your competitors, you should probably look for them where they already spend their time, and speak to them in a language they would understand.

nekuda offers a variety of creative services – from design and development of banners, landing pages, newsletters, mini-sites and full websites, to strategic planning and development of a digital brand with a unique and distinguished voice, look and identity.


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