Mobile App Marketing

Marketing your app was easy if it had only hundreds of competitors, but unfortunately we are not in 2009 anymore. In 2017 the number of mobile applications in Apple’s app store reached 2.8 million, and in Google Play – 3.5 millions. Still, the number or application used by users didn’t grow significantly in recent years, and users spend large amount of time using a few selected apps.

Therefore, the challenges of marketing an app continue to grow. Now we have to ask ourselves not only how to improve the app’s visibility in the app stores, but also how to gain a loyal base of users and maintain them. Although we occasionally hear stories about apps that gained success overnight, but in most of the cases, the app’s success depends on a successful marketing strategy.

Smart app marketing strategy begins prior to the app’s launch and it includes a market and competitors’ research and even choosing a catchy and unique name and designing the logo and the screenshot that will be displayed in the app stores.

The app marketing strategy doesn’t end with the launch, and it often requires organic and paid campaigns in Google and the relevant social networks.

To summarize, in order to succeed in marketing your app, you’ll need to develop a good and useful app and also to promote it constantly in all possible marketing channels. With hard work and some luck, your app could meet its goals.