Paid Search Marketing (PPC)

Paid search marketing is an online marketing channel that uses the search engines’ advertising networks (such as Google Adwords, Bing Ads and others) to drive more traffic to the website. As its name implies and unlike Search Engine Optimization, paid search marketing targets the search engines’ paid search results.

Paid search marketing is also known as search advertising or PPC, after its most common payment model, Pay Per Click, where the advertiser pays only when users click the ads. Search advertising campaigns usually work like an auction: the keywords’ value is set according to its popularity and competition, and the advertisers compete each other on the search engine ranking by offering the highest bid and the most relevant ad and landing page.

Why choose nekuda for your PPC campaign?

nekuda is a member of Google Partners with Google Adwords certification, which means that our team passed the certification exams after demonstrating their knowledge in online advertising and Google Adwords best practices. In addition, we have vast knowledge and experience in managing paid search campaigns and increasing our clients’ conversion rates. Together we can improve your ROI from your search marketing campaigns in both Google and social networks.