Internet Marketing News May 2013

2 June 2013
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Summary of all the posts we’ve published on our Hebrew internet marketing blog last month:

Google Tool Review – The Customer Journey to Online Purchase

The Customer Journey to Online Purchase is a free Google tool for commercial sites. The tool follows the steps and the marketing channels the client visits until the online purchase, focusing on assisting marketing channels and the client’s last interaction prior to the purchase.

Full post: Google’s Customer Journey to Online Purchase

Brand Marketing on Facebook Home

Facebook does not include advertisements yet, but there are other ways brands can interact with clients and encourage engagement on Facebook’s Android app, mainly by creating social media content that invites fans to share, comment and like.

Full post: Facebook Home Marketing

Google New Schema Tag for Organization Logos

Google created a new schema tag that enables organization websites to distinguish their logo from the other website’s images and to point at the preferred image to appear on search results of all major search engines.

Full post: Google new Schema Tag

Google Penguin is Back!

An announcement on the release of the Google algorithm update Penguin 2.0, which was meant to impact about 2.3% of the searches in English and hit mainly websites involved in webspam activities.

Full post: Penguin Update 2.0

Tips for Optimizing Large Websites

An SEO guide for large websites, mainly online stores, with millions of pages: how to ensure that each product page appears in the relevant search results, how to plan inner hierarchy and link plan and how to handle expired product pages.

Full post: SEO for Big Commercial Sites

Surviving Site Architecture Changes Guide

Information architecture changes can affect website rankings in search results, for better or for worse. To prevent throwing away years of SEO efforts when replacing the content management system, redesigning or migrating to a new domain, follow some basic guidelines.

Full post: Architecture Changes & SEO