Internet Marketing News June 2013

7 July 2013
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A summary of all the posts we’ve published on our Hebrew internet marketing blog last month:

Facebook Advertising Simplified

Facebook announced simplifying its Ads Manager by reducing by half the number of ads types and categories during the next six months. Facebook plans to remove the Questions and the Facebook Offers options from business pages and integrate the latter advertising product with Page Post Ads.

Full post: Facebook Advertising Update

Futuristic Link Building

A look at the link-less future of SEO following MOZ post, which suggests that anchor link building will disappear as Google search engine finds different ways to assess a website’s authority: using entities and association, co-occurrences and authorship.

Full post: Link Building in the Future

New Smartphones Search Results

Google announced changing the ranking of smartphone search results and implied about a planned penalty for websites which will not offer an optimal user-experience for smartphone users.

Full post: Google changes Smartphone Search Results

Facebook New Hashtag Feature

Facebook has added the hashtag (#) feature, enabling users to track conversations easily and to advertisers to create keyword-focused campaigns. We also wondered about the new feature effect on users’ privacy.

Full post: Hasthags on Facebook

SEO during Redesign

Redesigning a website without a guidance of an SEO consultant can damage the website rankings and decrease the organic traffic. A successful website redesign that considers SEO can actually improve its search engine visibility and prevent the decline in ranking, traffic and revenue.

Full Post: SEO & Website Redesign

Google buys Waze for $1b

The sale of Israeli start-up Waze to Google for a rumored amount of more than 1 billion dollars was a profitable act for both sides. According to Forbes, Google earned two major things from the Google-Waze deal: the ability to maintain and update Google maps in real time, and the knowledge Waze gained on advertising in mobile platforms.

Full post: Google-Waze Deal

Facebook New Product – Instagram Video

Live-blogging from Facebook press-conference where the social network revealed its new product: an Instagram video, a competitor to Twitter’s Vine, which can shoot up to 15 seconds videos using 13 filters and a unique technology that supports the movies stability.

Image: TechCrunch

Full post: Facebook’s New Instagram Video

New Analytics Reports for Video & Display Ads Impressions

Google Analytics has launched video and display ads impression reports, enabling advertisers to track the path of un-clicked ads and learn if they assisted conversion. The reports are now available for a limited list of users and advertisers can ask to join the list.

Full post: Google Analytics Video & Display Ads Impressions Report

Facebook Rumored to Create a New Aggregator

According to rumors, Facebook is working on a Fliboard-style tool called Reader, which will aggregate news articles from various sources and enables users to browse them on their newsfeed.

Full Post: Facebook News Reader

Google Guidance on Incoming Links and Reconsideration Requests

Following Penguin 2.0 update, Google has gathered their guidance and recommendations regarding reconsideration requests for websites that were penalized manually, incoming links checks and the disavow link tool.

Full Post: Incoming Links and Reconsideration Request

Google Rankings Still Matter

A new study by internet advertising network Chitika shows that the no.1 position website on Google get about 33% of the traffic, while no.2 gets only 18% of the organic traffic. The no.1 page on Google gets 91.5% of the traffic and the no.2 page gets only 4.8%.

Full Post: No.1 Position on Google New Study