The End of Google Authorship & 2014 SEO Factors

Some of the news and articles published on our Hebrew internet marketing blog in August–September 2014: A full guide to marketing your brand on Facebook, statistic tools for accurate conversion optimization results and the end of Google Authorship.


All about Facebook Marketing

Facebook marketing is constantly changing and gradually shifting from organic marketing to paid advertising. Since introducing its paid advertising tools, Facebook changed from an informal marketing platform that helps connecting brands to their customers to a complex advertising platform with unique targeting options. At the same time, the organic reach of Facebook posts is in constant decline. How can you promote your business on Facebook today?

Full post: Facebook Marketing


Facebook adds Ad Scheduling Feature

Facebook added a new feature for advertisers – ad scheduling. Available on Power Editor, the ad scheduling features allows advertisers to set the exact days and hours for the ads to run. This feature is expected to improve the effectiveness and the profitability of Facebook advertising.

Full post: Ad Scheduling on Facebook Power Editor


Google News Publisher Center

Google opened a new update centers for news and media sites included in Google News. Google News Publisher Center allows publishers to immediately update the search engine about new content and changes in the website’s structure, such as an addition of a new section.

Full post: New Update Center for Google News Publishers


How to improve CRO using Statistics

Conversion rate optimization (CRO) is an important internet marketing tool designed to convert the website visitors to leads and customers. When using conversion optimization methods such as split tests without a basic understanding in statistics the results are often interpreted incorrectly. MOZ posted a comprehensive guide about CRO statistics tool, starting from the planning stages to monitoring and interpreting the results.

Full post: Conversion Optimization Statistic Tools


Google Authorship removed from Search Results

Google removed author name and details from the search results and announced they will no long collect data from the rel=author tag. Google explained dropping Google Authorship in low adoption rates among bloggers and publishers as well as low value to searchers.

Full post: The End of Google Authorship


Google Penguin Recovery takes Time and Patience

Recovering from Google Penguin make take longer than expected: Google’s John Mueller approved that a Penguin recovery can occur only after a new algorithm update. In other words, a website cannot restore its previous positions until a new Google Penguin takes place.

Full post: How to really recover from Penguin Update


SearchMetrics’ Google Ranking Factors 2014 Report

SearchMetrics published its annual SEO ranking factors report for 2014. The report shows that factors such as the content length and use of rich media have a great impact on Google ranking. Other important ranking factors include internal linking, traditional on-page SEO factors (title, description. h1, h2 headlines, etc.), site speed and architecture and inbound links quantity but more important – quality.

Full post: SEO Factors 2014


New Google Adwords Metric: ROAS

Google announced adding a new metric to Google Analytics. Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) allows advertisers to measure Google Adwords campaign revenue comparing to the money spent on the campaign. The new metric replaces the previous ROI and Margin report and it is available in the Acquisition part in Google Analytics.

Full post: Google Adwords Return on Ad Investment


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Universal Analytics, GIF Animation, CTR on Mobile Devices

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Facebook Organic Marketing, Google My Business & Authorship Update

A summary of news and guides published on our Hebrew internet marketing blog on June 2014. This month we learned about the reasons for Facebook organic reach declined from VP Ads Product Marketing, found out that SEO has the highest return on investment (ROI) for small businesses, learned about Google’s new interface for local business [...]

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Google Panda 4.0, Viral Content & Facebook Newsfeed Update

A summary of news and articles published on our Hebrew internet marketing blog on May 2014 including Google Panda 4.0 and Payday Loans updates, the results of an extensive research about viral content, Google Webmaster Tools new features for mobile sites and Facebook’s latest newsfeed change. How to create a Viral Content How to make [...]

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Not Provided to Google Ads and More Internet Marketing News

A summary of news and articles published on our Hebrew internet marketing blog on April 2014 including Google Adwords April 24 update and Google Webmaster Tool new index status report, Twitter’s redesign of profile pages and Facebook’s redesign of right-hand ads, the results of a survey about mobile shopping research and Google plans to paid [...]

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SEO Tips for Small Business, Google & Facebook Redesign

A summary of news and articles published on our Hebrew internet marketing blog on March 2014 including small business SEO tips, Facebook pages redesign, Google search results redesign and Pinterest advertising. Tips for Small Business SEO SEO is one of the most important aspects in the marketing strategy of small businesses. Using some simple steps, [...]

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5 Tips for a better Quality Score & Facebook Marketing News

A summary of news and guide published on our Hebrew internet marketing blog on February 2014 including Facebook 2013 Q4 revenue, Facebook Paper application and 10th anniversary, Nielsen social media report, tips for a higher Adwords Quality Score and Google Places guidelines. Facebook 2013 Q4 Revenue & Newsfeed Ads Relevancy Facebook released their Q4 revenue [...]

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