A summary of the posts published on our Hebrew internet marketing blog during November 2015:

Best of SMX Israel 2015


A roundup of the best sessions and discussions in SMX Israel 2015, including the best tips about mobile SEO, search marketing in Hebrew, Google penalties recovery, search advertising, Google analytics and future of Search. .

Full post: SMX Israel 2015 Summary


Facebook launches Tools for Local Business

facebook local features

Facebook announced launching two tools for local business marketing: Local Insights – a free analytics tool which shows businesses demographic data about the users around their store and Local Awareness Ads targeted at multi-location businesses.

Full post: New Facebook Tools for Local Marketing


Google’s First Open Code System

Google announced opening the code of TensorFlow, the company’s machine learning system, used to interpret search queries, voice recognition, image search, language translation and more. Who will be the first to track Google’s ranking algorithm?

Full post: Google Open Code TensorFlow


Apple updates Appstore Ranking Algorithm

App developers have recently noticed a significant change in the appstore search results, especially in the higher results. According to experts, Apple started to take in account variables such as keywords and titles, and some even suspect that Apple is working on its own version of Google PageRank algorithm.

Full post: Apple’s Appstore Ranking Update


SEO for Local Business

local SEO

image: MOZ

There are significant differences between local marketing strategy and standard online marketing, and there are also unique ranking factors and unique search results for local business. In this local SEO guide we review all the tactics to help rank your business on Google local search results.

Full post: Local SEO Guide


Getting Ready for Google Penguin

Google approved releasing a new Penguin update before the end of 2015. It means that many websites will be able to recover from the previous update, while other websites might be penalized. Even if you didn’t build spam links on purpose, it’s a good opportunity to clean the website before Penguin 4.0 arrival.

Full post: Penguin 4.0 Recovery Plan


Google released New Search Quality Guidelines

Google released its updated version of Search Quality Rating Guidelines. The 160-page PDF file explains the team of quality raters how to evaluate search results, and it also allows to track the mind of Google’s leaders and learn about the updated criteria for search engine rankings. SEMPost got hold of the unofficial guidelines and posted a summary of its main updates.

Full post: Google’s Search Quality Guidelines


Google redesigned Google Local for Businesses

Google redesigned its social network, Google Plus, including Google My Business pages, used for brands and local business. Following the new design many of the unique features for businesses were removed including users’ rating and reviews, categories, maps, directions, opening hours and integration with Google Analytics and other applications.

Full post: Google My Business New Design


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Everything that happened in the search marketing industry on October 2015 and was reviewed in our Hebrew internet marketing blog:

Facebook to compete with YouTube and Amazon

Facebook continues to expand to different areas in the virtual space, and it recently announced adding new ecommerce and video features: catalogue-style Canvas ads, a new shopping section and several video related features such as a “Save for later” button.

Facebook ecommerce features

Full post: Facebook’s New Ecommerce & Video Features

Wix Sites removed from Google Index

Many sites build by the popular web platform Wix were removed from Google search results recently. Google was working to find a solution.

Full post: Wix Sites on Google

Facebook to compete with Google Search

Facebook is planning to compete with Google in the area of real-time news search, and online search in general. Facebook announced showing all public posts in search results, instead of showing only friends’ and followed pages results as before.

Full post: Facebook’s New Search Engine

All about Google RankBrain

Google RankBrain algorithm

Google revealed using a machine learning artificial intelligence system known as RankBrain, which assists in ranking the search results. Search Engine Land posted an article with all the known information about Rankbrain and its influence on SEO.

Full post: Google’s RankBrain Algorithm


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A summary of the posts published on our Hebrew internet marketing blog on August and September 2015.

Facebook News for August 2015

On August 2015 Facebook announced 5 notable updates including opening its Messenger app to non-users; testing Lead Ads and the See First feature, which enable users to manually rank their newsfeed updates and redesigning Facebook Power Editor and Ads Manager.


Full post: 5 Facebook Updates


Google Ranking Factors for 2015

MOZ’s 2015 Search Engine Ranking Factors report was released right before the end of the Jewish year, containing data collected from more than 150 SEO professionals, a forecast for the next year and a correlation study. As in previous years, links, keywords and content are still correlated with high rankings while spam links, duplicate and thin content have negative effect on Google rankings.

Full post: Top SEO Factors for 2015


Guide to Search Experience Optimization (SXO)

You’ve probably heard that content is king, but how can you define a good content and measure its quality? An article on Search Engine Land suggests focusing on improving the searchers’ experience and providing answers to their questions. In other words, transitioning from SEO to SXO.

Full post: How to Optimize Site for Search Experience


Google’s New Logo

Only a month after announcing about a dramatic company reconstruction, Google announced changing its logo, making it softer, simpler and more visible on smartphones and small screens.


Full post: All about Google’s Logo Redesign


Media Consumption in Israel 2015 (Google Partners Conference)

A new study by Google about media consumption in Israel was presented at the annual Google Partners’ conference and showed the growth of content consumption on the internet and mobile devices.

google partners3

Full post: Google’s Study on Media Consumption in Israel



Advertising on Gmail opened on Google Adwords

Gmail advertising is no longer on beta, and is now opened to all Google Adwords advertisers. The Gmail ads will appear at the top of the Promotions tab and include two parts: the collapsed ad, which looks like a native email message, and the expanded ad that can be opened to a full landing page, with rich media, call to action and more.

Full post: How to Advertise on Gmail



Instagram Advertising opens on Israel

Facebook announced opening Instagram advertising in Israel on September 30, 2015 and provided tips and guidelines to businesses and brands that wish to integrate Instagram on their online marketing strategy.

Instagram advertising - goals

Full post: Advertising on Instagram


How Google indexes Deep Links on Apps

Since Google started indexing deep links in apps (both Android and iOS apps) a new challenge was added to app developers and internet marketers: how to improve app content on Google search? An article on Search Engine Land explains how Google indexes app screens and what you can do to get your app content indexed and ranked by Google.

Full post: App Indexing on Google Search



New on Google Adwords: Customers Match

Google announced a new advertising product – Customer Match, which allows advertisers to upload a list of emails and target their campaigns accordingly, similar to Facebook’s Custom Audiences tool.

Full post: Customers Match on Google Adwords



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A summary of the posts published on our Hebrew internet marketing blog on July 2015. This month we reviewed Facebook’s new carousel ads on mobile devices, Instagram’s marketing recommendations for brands, the ROI from content marketing platforms such as Taboola and Outbrain, Google’s new purchase buttons on paid search results and its policy regarding new TLDs, and offered guides on how to use Google autocomplete for SEO and microcopy for higher conversion rate and branding.

New on Facebook: Carousel Ads for Mobile

Facebook announced expanding the carousel ad format to mobile platforms. The carousel ad format, which allows advertisers to include several images and links on a single ad, was introduced last year and it was found to increase conversion rate by 30%–50% and decrease CPA by 20%–30% comparing to ads with one image.

facebook mobile carousel ad4

Full post: Carousel Ads on Facebook Mobile


Instagram Advertising and Marketing Strategy for Brands

Instagram announced adding several new features to its advertising system, and created a guide for a successful marketing for brands in countries where Instagram advertising is not available yet.



Full post: Advertising and Marketing on Instagram


How to improve ROI on Content Marketing Campaigns

Platforms such as Outbrain and Taboola are now an important content marketing tool, helping brands to distribute creative content, increase engagement and followers. But which content marketing platform is more effective? In a research published on MOZ, Seer Interactive tested the performance of several content marketing platforms on several clients from different niches and offered tips for improving ROI on content marketing campaigns.

Full post: Content Marketing and ROI (Outbrain vs. Taboola)


Google updates Guidelines for Representing Businesses

Google updated its guidelines for representing businesses on Google My Business and Google Maps, mainly focusing on how internet companies can represent their clients on Google services.

Full post: Google’s New Guidelines for Business Representations


Google introduces “Purchases on Google”

Google officially launched its talked about buy buttons on mobile ads. The new feature, “Purchases on Google”, is currently tested on selected branded ecommerce sites, and it will appear on paid search results in Product Listing Ads on both Android and iOS devices.

Google Inside Adwords

Google Inside Adwords

Full post: Google’s Buy Button on Mobile Search Results


Google answers Questions on Top Level Domains

Google answered some of the most common questions regarding top level domains, including new TLDs such as .guru and .how, old TLDs (.com, .org, etc.) and international top level domains. In short, Google has no preference to a certain type of TLD and all TLDs are treated equally on search results.

Full post: Google & TLDs FAQ


How to use Google Autocomplete for SEO

Google autocomplete is known as a keyword research tool, but it can only be used to generate content ideas, which increase organic traffic and gains links. Following MOZ case study, we tested the tool on medical cannabis content ideas.

Full post: Google Autocomplete as a Content Tool


Google closes Autocomplete API on Aug 10

Google announced shutting down the unofficial autocomplete API. This step might affect keyword research tools used for SEO and PPC which use the autocomplete API. According to Google, the API was used for unwanted purposes and it recommends websites using Google Custom Search Engine (CSE).

Full post: Google shuts down Autocomplete API


Google issues Warnings for Blocking JS & CSS

Google Search Console started sending alerts to websites that block CSS and JavaScript, warning that the blocking may result in “suboptimal ranking”. We offer a simple guide for removing the blocking on robots.txt.

Full post: How to Remove JS & CSS Blocking


Microcopy for Branding and CRO

Microcopy is the latest buzzword in internet marketing. Even though microcopy is not a new concept, only recently its importance in website content has been acknowledged. In short, microcopies are short pieces of texts that can be found on website’s error messages, usage guides, buttons and menus and security messages, and are designed to guide the user and remind him about the personal, unique voice behind the website.

micro copy example facebook

Full post: How to use Microcopy to improve Conversions


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A roundup of the posts published on our Hebrew internet marketing blog on June 2015, including Facebook marketing updates: from Newsfeed algorithm update to Instagram advertising; ecommerce SEO guides: from how to prevent online shopping cart abandonment to how to improve website’s credibility and trust, and the future of Google Adwords and an alleged online advertising fraud.


Facebook Newsfeed Algorithm Update

Facebook is testing a new feature that will allow users to manually rank posts published by friends and brands on their newsfeed. The feature is currently tested on limited number of users, but it will be expanded it may effect brands and businesses who use Facebook as a marketing platform.

facebook test

image: AdWeek

Full post: Facebook tests Newsfeed Algorithm


Facebook expands Instagram Advertising

Facebook announced opening Instagram advertising market to all Facebook Partners, and not just for big brands. With the expansion of Instagram advertising, the retargeting options are expected to expand too.

Full post: Instagram Advertising Opens


Google Adwords News at SMX Advanced

WordStream revealed some of the expected changes in Google Adwords, which were discussed at the SMX Advanced in Seattle. These changes including new ad format for several industries, new and improved interface, additional remarketing options and more.

Full post: Future of Google Adwords


How to Prevent Shopping Cart Abandonment

Online shopping carts abandonment is one of the one of the biggest challenges of ecommerce sites, and in 2014 the average shopping cart abandonment was about 68%, i.e. only 1 of 4 visitors had completed a purchase. How to bring back those potential customers?

Full post: Online Shopping Cart Abandonment


How to increase Online Sales with Free Shipping and Returns

Free shipping and returns in an online store is the customers’ dream but a nightmare for the website owners. However, many researches show that offering free shipping and returns can improve the online sales, the amount of purchased products, the customers’ loyalty and the average order value.

By Stuart Miles/FreeDigitalPhotos

By Stuart Miles/FreeDigitalPhotos

Full post: Free Shipping and Returns in Ecommerce Sites


How to increase Online Sales by Improving Trust

Users are extra cautious when using an ecommerce site, and it usually takes them second before they decide whether to purchase a product or move on to a competing website. One of the main reasons that can drive away a potential customer is lack of reliability. Here we offer 6 ways to improve ecommerce site credibility and increase its sales.

Full post: Ecommerce Sites and Trust


Online Advertising’s Alleged Fraud

MOZ exposed the allegedly biggest fraud of the online advertising industry. According to the suspicions, online advertising networks sold bots traffic to media sites, and both earned money from the fake impressions on the expense of clients who paid for these impressions.

fraud alert

Full post: Biggest Online Advertising Fraud


Facebook tests Lead Ads

Facebook announced testing a new format of ads focused on generating leads. The Lead Ads would allow advertisers to purchase ads per lead and users will be able to auto-fill their contact details with two taps. Currently the ads are available for a limited group of brands.

Full post: Facebook’s New Lead Ads


Facebook Advertising: July Updates

Facebook updates its advertising system frequently, adding new tools to improve the performances of the campaigns and changing the newsfeed algorithm to improve relevancy. Here are some of the news announced on June 2015 about Facebook advertising tools.

Full post: Facebook Advertising News July 2015


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