Facebook, Twitter and Google+

16 January 2012
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Shira Abel, Hunter & Bard

Social marketing is not a new idea, based on the old idea of “words to mouth marketing”. Social marketing is completely different than SEO. Social is about engagement.

Social is 100% about the person on the other side, and it rewards when done probably. People like to share and show their expertise. They will share when they feel connected to the brand. The important thing is to do it for a goal (traffic, sales, etc.)

Twitter – not related to SERPs

Twitter is for engagement with customers or media influencers, PR people.

Facebook – connected to Bing

Optimize content for Bing. See what the customers like. Not campaign of “like me for a prize”.

Google+ – the best way to appear on Google search results. People will start to appear.

Don’t forget +1 on your website

Add relevant content to your audience.

Push it on your site, blog.

Youtube – powerful medium to connect with people and easier to SEO.

Add Informative, even low-techie videos and people respond.

Other social channels: Pinterest, Quora, Linkedin, Instragram.

Put your time where it works. Ask yourself: what’s your goal, where are your customers, what are they interested in. Give content of value. Ask them questions – what do you want to know?

Don’t buy their love with multiple discounts. Build trust and loyalty.

Shira Abel presentation

Miriam Schwab of illuminea

It’s time to treat social marketing like SEO

Take lessons from the SEO. Get tips on how to be more aggressive.

SPYW – search plus your world.

Google needs human response to better rank sites – search results. Statistics shows that users spend hours on Facebook, i.e. clicking on Facebook ads instead of on Google adds. That’s when Google+ was launched.

SEOmoz study in Aug 2010 – Twitter impacts Google indexing.

SPYW – just Google+ – relevance was taken out of the equation

Google is trying to present content that is related to the connection’s connections. They create a situation where you have to be on Google+ to appear on search results.

Example – when looking for Danny Ayalon on Google logged out of Gmail account, you get his Twitter and Facebook account on #3 and #4 results.

When logged in, his google+ account is 3rd  on the search results despite  having bigger social circles on Facbook and twitter.

How to use Google+ – search engine by keywords – gives a plus cloud

Google+ ripples – visualization of your circles.

Connect your site to Google+ add head to page/Google badge

Google+ Red Bull page – animated GIFs

Save your searches – follow circles, hot searches


Nancy Shapira of Shapira marketing

Google+ for PR

If you’re doing PR – you can’t do it without social media. Journalists are very active on social media. They still use traditional PR methods but also use Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter as a newsfeed.

Old PR rules were all about quality.

New rules – quantity, use social media just to get the message out there, not wait for an event. All about dialogue.

Press release – use the keywords correctly. (On title, subtitle, first paragraph). Optimize the PR so they’ll be on the web.

Journalist find stories using social media:

Facebook – Journalists

Twitter for Newsroom

Linkedin Press Center.


The slideshow of Marty Weintraub, the author of “Killer Facebook Ads”, is available on aimclear Facebook page (in return of a like).