Internet Marketing News July 2013

1 August 2013
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A summary of all the posts published on our Hebrew internet marketing blog last month:

Prepare your Mobile Site for Google Ranking Change

Google recently announced planning to change smartphone search results and implied about a penalty for mobile sites that will not provide an optimal user-experience to both desktop and mobile users. We discussed how the penalty might affect mobile sites’ ranking and how webmasters can prepare their sites for this planned change.

Full post: Mobile Sites Optimization before Google Smartphone Ranking Change

New Navigation on Google Webmaster Tools

Google announced refreshing Webmaster Tools navigation and replacing the former segmentation, which consisted of configuration, health, traffic and search engine optimization to crawl, Google index, search traffic and search appearance. The new Google Webmaster Tools navigation is organized by the search engine order of activity and for some reason avoids using the term search engine optimization…

Full post: Google Webmaster Tools Navigation Updated

Google Local Search Carousel

Google knowledge carousel is starting to enter local search results in the US and revolutionizing local search results. The carousel horizontal display of local search results may change the local searcher behavior and the work of local SEO experts. The results of two heat map experiments, by Ethical SEO Consulting and LocalU, show different clicking patterns.

Full post: Google Knowledge Carousel and Local Search

Google’s New Keyword Tool

Google new keyword tool, the Keyword Planner, is about to replace Google Adwords Keyword Tool and the Traffic Estimator. The new keyword tool requires users to open an Adwords account and it enables users to sort keywords and get keyword ideas by groups and to multiply keyword lists to check popularity and competition of different combinations of keywords.

Full post: Keyword Planner – Google’s New Keyword Tool

How to find Local Keywords on Google Adwords Keyword Planner

Some of the new features in Google Adwords Keyword Planner offer better optimization of keywords for local search. You can check local keywords using the multiply keyword list feature or by using the keywords and ad group feature and adjusting the geographic targeting area, as suggested by MOZ.

Full post: Google Keyword Planner for Local SEO

Customized Segmentation Reports on Google Analytics

Google announced changing some of the segmentation features in Google Analytics, allowing users to analyze website traffic by sub-groups with specific demographic data or behavior characteristics, by sequence of specific behaviors, use and adjust six different segment templates.

Full post: Google Analytics New Advanced Segmentation Reports

Globes MAD 2013 Convention

Nekuda’s Oded Livne attended Globes 2013 Marketing, Advertising and Digital convention (MAD 2013) and returned with insights about the next generation of brands, marketing for mobile users, inbound marketing, interactive advertising campaigns and case studies as a marketing strategy.

Full post: Marketing, Advertising and Digital Convention   

Common Mistakes in Mobile SEO

According to Google, the most common mistakes in mobile SEO are wrong redirects between the mobile and the desktop sites and error pages displayed exclusively to the smartphone users. However, the mobile marketers tend to make other mistakes such as ignoring the Analytics segmentation reports or avoiding a unique keyword research for mobile sites.

Full post: Mobile SEO Mistakes you can avoid

Facebook allows Users to get Notifications from Brands

Facebook now allows users to receive notifications from their favorite business pages. By that, Facebook enables users to maintain a continuous relationship between brands and their clients and allows brands and internet marketers to maintain active and engaged followers.

Full post: Facebook new Business Pages Notification Policy

In search of Facebook Talking About this and Viral Reach

Facebook has removed the “Talking about this” measure and returned it two days later. After refreshing Facebook Insights, the viral reach measure was removed and united with the organic reach, disabling page admins from getting information about the viral reach of their Facebook posts.

Full post: Facebook Continues Changing Business Pages Interface

A Guide to Technical SEO

A summary of The Definitive Guide to Technical Mobile SEO published on Search Engine Land, and includes the pros and cons of each mobile SEO configuration (responsive design, dynamic content and separate URLs), and practical recommendations for mobile site developers and marketers.

Full post: Mobile SEO – Technical Guide

Optimization for Google’s Local Carousel

Google’s local carousel is about to change local SEO, offering different, unrecognized ranking factors, weakening the correlation between Google rankings and CTR, and emphasizing social media presence and image optimization.

Full post: Optimization for Google’s Post-Carousel Local Search Results

Google Adsense Stops Working on Google Sites

Google announced that from August 30, Adsense ads will stop working on Google Sites, and users will not be able to add or modify ads and existing ads will be removed or replaced. Following SEO Roundtable question, Google clarified that users will continue to make money from previously published ads on Google Sites.

Full post: Google cancels Adsense on Google Sites

Google Adwords Quality Score Updates

Google Adwords announced updating the way the Quality Score is reported and tying it to “its three key sub factors — expected clickthrough rate, ad relevance, and landing page experience.” Google stressed that the way the Quality Score is calculated will not be changed.

Full post: Google updates Adwords Quality Score

Tablets sales draw near PCs sales

Some facts and numbers of tablets rising sales versus PCs dropping sales following global tablet shipments in Q2 2013 report and estimations about the hypothetical opening date of the post PC era.

Full post: Tablets Sales rise while PCs drop