Google Changes Blog Search Ranking

16 February 2012
Reading Time: One Minute

Google blog search patent was granted yesterday, according to SEO by the Sea. Blog posts that will not meet certain criteria would be filtered from the blog search results. It might have an effect on blog posts search ranking and also about buying links for search engine optimization.

Blog posts that contain pornography, racism or stolen content, profanity, spam, chain letters or various types of viruses will be filtered from the search results. Another type of undesired content is called “splog” (spam+blog), and it refers to blogs that mainly promote affiliate documents.

Other criteria that might remove posts from search results include the post’s length, quality and quantity of incoming links, the number of outgoing links and their distance from the start of the post. A blog post that lacks a title might be removed from the search results since it “may indicate that the blog post is not trustworthy and/or contains undesirable content.”

Blog posts that link to the same domain will be filtered as well, or the inner links may simply be ignored by the search engine. Links to electronic media such as images and videos might risk the post’s search result ranking, fearing they might lead to blogs of the undesirable kind as mentioned above.

Google said in the patent document that not all of the criteria will be used all the time, and they may be using other rules such as the blog post topicality (its relevance to the search query), quality, freshness and significance. Other rules that may be considered are the number of blog subscribers and the expression of a political slant or other search result related opinion, in order to display heterogeneous search results.