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9 July 2015
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A roundup of the posts published on our Hebrew internet marketing blog on June 2015, including Facebook marketing updates: from Newsfeed algorithm update to Instagram advertising; ecommerce SEO guides: from how to prevent online shopping cart abandonment to how to improve website’s credibility and trust, and the future of Google Adwords and an alleged online advertising fraud.


Facebook Newsfeed Algorithm Update

Facebook is testing a new feature that will allow users to manually rank posts published by friends and brands on their newsfeed. The feature is currently tested on limited number of users, but it will be expanded it may effect brands and businesses who use Facebook as a marketing platform.

facebook test

image: AdWeek

Full post: Facebook tests Newsfeed Algorithm


Facebook expands Instagram Advertising

Facebook announced opening Instagram advertising market to all Facebook Partners, and not just for big brands. With the expansion of Instagram advertising, the retargeting options are expected to expand too.

Full post: Instagram Advertising Opens


Google Adwords News at SMX Advanced

WordStream revealed some of the expected changes in Google Adwords, which were discussed at the SMX Advanced in Seattle. These changes including new ad format for several industries, new and improved interface, additional remarketing options and more.

Full post: Future of Google Adwords


How to Prevent Shopping Cart Abandonment

Online shopping carts abandonment is one of the one of the biggest challenges of ecommerce sites, and in 2014 the average shopping cart abandonment was about 68%, i.e. only 1 of 4 visitors had completed a purchase. How to bring back those potential customers?

Full post: Online Shopping Cart Abandonment


How to increase Online Sales with Free Shipping and Returns

Free shipping and returns in an online store is the customers’ dream but a nightmare for the website owners. However, many researches show that offering free shipping and returns can improve the online sales, the amount of purchased products, the customers’ loyalty and the average order value.

By Stuart Miles/FreeDigitalPhotos
By Stuart Miles/FreeDigitalPhotos

Full post: Free Shipping and Returns in Ecommerce Sites


How to increase Online Sales by Improving Trust

Users are extra cautious when using an ecommerce site, and it usually takes them second before they decide whether to purchase a product or move on to a competing website. One of the main reasons that can drive away a potential customer is lack of reliability. Here we offer 6 ways to improve ecommerce site credibility and increase its sales.

Full post: Ecommerce Sites and Trust


Online Advertising’s Alleged Fraud

MOZ exposed the allegedly biggest fraud of the online advertising industry. According to the suspicions, online advertising networks sold bots traffic to media sites, and both earned money from the fake impressions on the expense of clients who paid for these impressions.

fraud alert

Full post: Biggest Online Advertising Fraud


Facebook tests Lead Ads

Facebook announced testing a new format of ads focused on generating leads. The Lead Ads would allow advertisers to purchase ads per lead and users will be able to auto-fill their contact details with two taps. Currently the ads are available for a limited group of brands.

Full post: Facebook’s New Lead Ads


Facebook Advertising: July Updates

Facebook updates its advertising system frequently, adding new tools to improve the performances of the campaigns and changing the newsfeed algorithm to improve relevancy. Here are some of the news announced on June 2015 about Facebook advertising tools.

Full post: Facebook Advertising News July 2015


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