Google Quality Update & Social Media Impact on SEO

2 June 2015
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A roundup of the posts published on our Hebrew internet marketing blog on May 2015: Google Webmaster Tools new Search Analysis report, 10 useful writing tips and the psychology behind them and Google algorithm new “Quality Update” and its impact on search results, the relationship between social media engagement and Google ranking and more.


New Report on Google Webmaster Tools

Google launched a new report on Webmaster Tools – Search Analysis. Still the beta version, the new report will eventually replace the Search Queries report. The Search Analysis report displays the same information that was displayed on the Search Queries report, but with more data and filters.

Full post: Search Analysis on Google Webmaster Tools


 writing tips

10 Psychology Tips for Better Web Content

There are many tips for writing better web content, but you cannot change your writing habits unless you know why you are writing the way you are writing. Without Bullshit provided 10 useful writing tips with insights about the psychology behind them.

Full post: 10 Writing Tips


New “Quality Update” on Google Algorithm

After 3 weeks of speculations and significant movements in search results, Google approved updating the ranking algorithm. The new Google algorithm update focused on the quality of content and is dubbed “Quality Update”.

Full post: Google Approves Algorithm Update


All about Social Media and SEO Relationship

The impact of social signals on Google rankings is a source of debate, but recent evidence, following Google Quality Update, suggests that Facebook and Google Plus engagement has an impact on Google organic rankings. We take a look at the history of the relationship between social media marketing and SEO and offer tips for improving SEO using social media marketing strategy.

Full post: Social Media and Google Ranking

google url shortener
image: googlewebmastercentral

Google takes over App Deep Links

Google is strengthening its grip on mobile search; now making sure all links will pass through their URL shortening service Google announced they will start crawling and indexing deep links on iOS applications, and that URLs will direct to both app and web content.

Full post: for App and Web Content


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