Facebook Relevancy Score & On-Page SEO in 2015

8 March 2015
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A roundup of the posts published on our Hebrew internet marketing blog on January 2015: Guides to useful web marketing tools such as and Canva; 14 tips for Facebook ads optimization and an introduction to Facebook ad Relevancy Score and the complete guide to technical SEO audit in 2015. – URL Shortening with a Twist is a URL shortening service with unique branding and content sharing features. For example, an online marketer can share a link to a potential client and add an embedded call to action message.

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How to write Great Web Content

One of today’s biggest search marketing challenges is to produce web content which is both search engine friendly, focused on relevant keywords, meets Google quality guidelines, engaging users and inviting them to read, comment and share on social media, and most importantly – convince readers to buy the product or use the service the website offers.

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Facebook Introduces Ad Relevancy Score

Facebook introduced a new ad Relevancy Score, which ranks ads from 1 to 10 based on their relevancy to the target audience. The Relevancy Scores will be visible to marketers and appear on the reports.


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Facebook Ads Optimization Tips

Facebook offers several tools and features that help advertisers to optimize their campaigns, target them to the most relevant audience and gain the best results. Here are some of our best tips for Facebook ad optimization: from targeting, to conversion tracking, analysis and optimization.

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How to Use Canva for Appealing Facebook Ads

As Facebook users start suffering from Banner Blindness, online marketers are required to add appealing images to their Facebook ads. Canva offers an easy to use solution, allowing non-designers to create images, slideshows or advertisements.


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How to Fix Hacked Sites?

Google Webmaster Central Blog shared two case studies of sites that were hacked and recovered, and offered advice on how to discover hidden hack-injected scripts and how to secure websites and protect them from future attacks.

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Technical SEO Audit in 2015

The search marketing field changes quickly; some important SEO factors are now considered irrelevant while others, such as mobile SEO, website speed and international SEO became essential. MOZ created an updated technical SEO audit checklist, covering the most important on-page SEO factors in 2015.

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