Non-Profit Marketing

Search engine optimization (SEO) helps to improve the website’s visibility and to increase organic traffic, whether for a commercial site or a non-profit organization. That is why, SEO and other online marketing methods are effective for non-profits and social organizations, as it helps to increase the website’s awareness for potential donors, volunteers and members.

SEO is a dynamic field that constantly changes. Non-profit organizations usually don’t have enough human resources to oversee the website and its various SEO aspects and to track the changes in Google’s guidelines. That’s where we can help.

nekuda has vast experience in online marketing for non-profit organizations, and since its foundation in 1997, we’ve managed several digital projects (mainly SEO and search engine advertising) for non-profit organizations, including managing paid campaigns using Google Grants, Google’s ad program for non-profits, which grants organizations with a 10,000$ monthly budget for advertising their causes on Google Adwords.