Online Advertising

Online advertising is a term that describes the process of buying ads in search engines or social networks, usually to generate website traffic.

The online advertising industry runs millions of dollars a year, and the global digital advertising budget is expected to continue to grow become a larger part of the overall media budget.

Online advertising is an attractive marketing channel as it offers advanced targeting options and online advertising campaigns can be tracked easily. It means that we can easily measure the financial value of each website’s visit in the short and long term. On the other hand, the impact of an online advertising campaign is temporary, and once the budget is empty, the traffic will cease. Moreover, if you don’t manage the campaign wisely, you can easily lose your investment without reaching any results.

When choosing an online advertising platform you should consider your target audience (b2b or b2c; demographic targeting or by interests or both); the social network’s user experience and the types of available ads. It is important to note that the wrong ads at the wrong place can cause more damage than good. Therefore, it is important to wisely choose the advertising platform and product.