Mobile Advertising

Mobile advertising has the largest growth comparing to any other online advertising format. If in the past there was a gap between the time people spent using their smartphones and tablets and the mobile advertising budget, today’s this gap is closing down, mainly due to the development of mobile-friendly ad solutions – from native advertising to interactive video ads – improvement of targeting options on mobile and the gathered knowledge about effective mobile marketing.

Like online advertising, the mobile advertising market is controlled almost completely by Google and Facebook; in 2015 the two companies controlled more than half of mobile advertising market in the US. More than half of Facebook earnings came from mobile advertising, and more than half of the search queries made in Google came from mobile devices. These data and the growing number of smartphone users make mobile advertising almost essential for businesses that wish to reach their audience on-the-go.

At nekuda we offer advanced solutions for mobile marketing and advertising. If you want to promote your brand on mobile, increase website’s traffic or application downloads, improve the sales from the mobile site or the app’s app store ranking, we are here to help you.