Crisis Management

If you are dealing with an online reputation crisis and need an emergency plan to clean your name, then you’ve come to the right place. nekuda has the knowledge, experience and tools to manage reputation crises and prevent them.

Although reputation crises occurred even before the internet was invented, today they are more common. As every unsatisfied customer can destroy a reputation and distribute the damage worldwide in matter of seconds (not to mention the damages created by the brands and people themselves), almost every brand, business and individual can find themselves in the center of an online reputation crisis, even if they are saints.

ניהול משברים ברשת


Crisis management is part of online reputation management (ORM), a field that combines several digital marketing channels, including search engine optimization, social media marketing and PR, and focuses on creating and maintaining positive digital presence, monitoring of the brand’s mentions online, and when necessary – removing negative mentions and managing crisis.

Negative reputation can cause personal and financial damages for both individuals and businesses, but with smart crisis management the damage can fade away and be forgotten.