Consulting & Marketing Strategy

Marketing strategy is the heart of every business. Think about it, without professional consulting and a smart, well-planned marketing strategy, all of your marketing efforts – from the shortest post on Facebook to large-scale Google Adwords campaigns – wouldn’t reach their fullest potential.

The marketing strategy guides the business on how to use the different marketing channels and to match them with the goals and the budget. With the right marketing strategy, you can increase your sales and gain a significant advantage over your competitors.

marketing consulting and strategy

nekuda’s Consulting and Marketing Strategy Services

First, our professional and creative team will generate a comprehensive research about your competitors’ activity in the digital environment, as well as in the traditional media. Our research will take in consideration the unique needs of each business, its field, budget and the desired target audience.

Then, after analyzing the research, we will recommend on the best marketing strategy that will help you achieve your goals. It could be an online marketing strategy (search engine optimization, online advertising, social media marketing), offline strategy (traditional advertising) or a combination of both, depending on you budget and goals. Our goal is to help you improve your conversion rate, so we will help you improve your digital presence in various channels.

At nekuda, we won’t only recommend but we will also help you to implement the recommendations, from planning to performance assessment and optimization. In addition, we will guide you all the way and make sure to provide solutions for unexpected situations.