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Social Media Marketing is an online marketing channel that focuses on increasing websites’ traffic and brand awareness using social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus and many others. Nowadays, no online marketing strategy is complete without social media marketing, and a successful social media strategy can have a positive effect on the website’s search engine rankings.

social media marketing services by nekuda web solutions

nekuda’s Social Media Marketing Services:

nekuda Web Solutions provides social media marketing services to businesses of all sizes and industries. We have gained vast experience in working with various social networks including Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Wikipedia, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest and others. Our social media services include creating a solid marketing strategy based on the client’s marketing goal, its unique character, target audience and its competitors’ social media activity, as well as creating viral content, managing paid advertising campaigns, measuring their performance and optimizing them to maximize results.

nekuda’s Facebook Marketing Services

Facebook is the largest social network online, with over 1.71 billion monthly active users (as for July 2016) and about 50 million small businesses. Therefore, your potential clients are probably on Facebook – and so are your competitors.

nekuda social media marketing - facebook

Facebook offers several marketing options for businesses: open a business page or an application; share links, images, videos and information including promotions and special discounts; open a Facebook group focused on a relevant theme, manage an advertising campaign for various marketing goals: from promoting the Facebook page to increasing conversions on the website, get app installs and so on.

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Whether you want us to manage your Facebook campaigns or create a social media marketing plan for your business, contact us and we’ll help you to get the best results from your social media marketing campaign!