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“While it may be true that the best advertising is word-of-mouth, never lose sight of the fact it also can be the worst advertising.” (Jef I. Richards)


Online reputation management (ORM) helps brands and individuals to control their appearance on Google search results, social networks, review sites, forums and other internet platforms. Online reputation management involves several online marketing channels (mainly search engine optimization and social media marketing) to hide negative mentions and to highlight positive or neutral mentions of a brand, a business, a product or an individual.

online reputation management - reputation crisis samsung


Many people – including your potential clients or future employees – may perceive your search results on Google as a reflection of your true essence. That way, negative results on the first page of Google may end a relationship before it even begun. So, if you want to conceal negative reviews written by revengeful customers or make your embarrassing Facebook photos disappear, you might need online reputation management services.

nekuda’s online reputation management services:

nekuda offers reputation management and counselling services for businesses and individuals of various fields, helping them to build a branding business plan and a positive online reputation. The company’s founder, Gilad Sasson, has vast experience in managing web projects for leading local and international firms such as Zap Group, Mako, SAP, Bank HaPoalim, Maccabi Health Services, Babylon and many others. We’ve also managed several online reputation projects, but for obvious reasons we cannot reveal our clients’ identities.

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Our online reputation management services include:

– Daily reputation monitoring: tracking the brand’s online mentions, negative reviews alerts

– Optimal marketing strategy for online marketing strategy

– Positive brand awareness, improve Google ranking and push negative search results

 importance of online reputation management


Nowadays, when almost every relationship starts with a Google search, negative web presence can effect businesses’ sales and individual’s employment prospects. Online marketing reputation helps brands, businesses and individuals to control their web presence, hide negative reviews and highlight positive mentions, so the overall online presence would be balanced.

Online reputation management can be used to solve public relations crises and to highlight the unique and positive aspects of the brand, business or person.

Contact us if you are looking for a professional company to manage your online reputation!