Affiliate Program

nekuda invites you to join our affiliate program and earn commissions by leading potential clients.

nekuda Web Solutions was founded in 1999 and since then it has been providing online marketing services for local and international clients in various competitive niches, specializing in search engine marketing and social media marketing.

Are you familiar with businesses or individuals who wish to improve their online visibility professionally, creatively and significantly?

As part of our activity, we pay 5%-10% commissions from the deals to everyone who recommends our services and refers potential projects to us.

References can be made by a phone call, an email, or the website’s contact form by mentioning the referral details and relevant contact details in the subject line.

Commission Rates in our Affiliate Program:

Deal Type

Deal Size (in ILS)

Commission Rate

Counseling/Characterization/one-time project (no retainer)


Monthly retainer for a year


Monthly retainer for a month