Strategic Marketing Advice

A marketing strategy is a guiding businesses plan for optimal usage of the possible marketing solutions on a certain budget. A marketing strategy’s goal is to increase revenue and gain an advantage on competitors.

Marketing strategies, a combination of traditional marketing and online marketing, are fitted for each client after a thorough competitive and business environment research (based on advance analysis and comparison tools).

The marketing strategy is built for each client according to his needs, budget, target audience, niche and competitors. It might include search engine advertising and social media marketing recommendations, as well as search engine optimization.

The marketing strategy can also include website collaborations, branding and marketing on various channels (both on and off-line) by mailing newsletters or business emails and using any other marketing tool that would help bringing new audience to the website and increasing conversion rates.

At Nekuda we will accompany and support all stages of the marketing strategy executing. We will also evaluate the strategy’s performance by analyzing the results and adjusting the strategy accordingly.

Internet Solutions:

  • Web and Search Engine Marketing Solutions
  • Search Results Optimization (Paid and Organic)
  • Brand Management and Reputation Monitoring
  • Social Media Marketing, including SMO
  • Marketing Process Management and Assimilation
  • Target Oriented Marketing (Conversion)
  • Competition Research and Analysis

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