minteye provides multilingual, spam blocking, CAPTCHA solutions, internet and mobile advertising. minteye’s Slide to Fit CAPTCHA is a free tool offering advertisers brand lift with full user engagement, and a new revenue stream for site owners.

Marketing for minteye involves promoting their website www.minteye.comon search engines and social media, focusing on the competitive keyword CAPTCHA.



Zimmer ( isa leading domestic tourism portal, offering up-to-date information on hundreds of hotels, B&Bs, guest rooms and tourist attractions in Israel.

Internet marketing for Zimmer website included search engine and social media optimization including keyword research, content marketing, and statistics monitoring.



Evolero ( is an event and conference management software that provides a variety of tools and solutions for event planning and management and specializes on marketing conferences on social media.

Evolero’s internet marketing focused on optimizing the website for search engines and brand management on different social networks.


ASOCS LTD ( develops and markets multi-core embedded processors and provides solutions for C-RAN and multi-communication mobile devices, enabling implementation of wireless protocols on a heterogeneous platform.

Internet marketing for ASOCS includes website optimization for different search engines and social websites including Wikipedia.



Quicki Wiki ( is a Wikipedia-style web encyclopedia, which draws information from various leading internet resources and displays the summarized data in a user-friendly interface.

Quicki Wiki received professional and personal SEO consulting services from Nekuda CEO, Gilad Sasson.   


Promisec develops and markets information security solutions for organizations. Founded in 2004, Promisec holds offices inIsrael,United States,Europe,JapanandIndia.Marketing for Promisec included promoting the company’s website on search engines, improving the site’s visibility, on page optimization, content suggestions and link building.
Zap – Golden Pages - Golden Pages (Dapey Zahav) isIsrael’s leading business index.Nekuda advised Dapey Zahav on building the company’s search engine and provided optimization to the search engine’s results page and the business pages promoted on the website.
Mako - A news and entertainment portal that includes discussion groups and streaming video of various programs on one ofIsrael’s cable companies Keshet.Nekuda promoted Mako’s website  on GoogleIsrael, provided technical suggestion for improving Mako’s website, as well as content recommendations, on-page optimization and more.
Camoni - Is a unique Israeli social network for people suffering from chronic illness.Nekuda promoted Camoni’s website on search engines, improved the site’s search engine visibility, provided content recommendation, link building and centered on adding value to those using the website.
Sarel - is a private medical equipment company that provides hospitals and medical institutions with medical and pharmaceutical equipment and supplies. Nekuda promoted Sarel’s website on search engines in Israel and worldwide.

Megavendo -  an online bulletin board that gathers ads fromSpain’s leading online bulletin boards in second hand, animals, cars and more. Nekuda promoted Megavendo’s website on relevant Spanish search engines, provided competitor research, technical suggestion for improving Megavendo’s website and content recommendations and link building.

Ginger Software - develops English spelling and grammar checking software.  Nekuda promoted Ginger Software’s website and the company’s other web assets like Ginger’s blog and the website non-English variants on search engines.
ZVZ - an Israeli online bulletin board that gathers ads fromIsrael’s leading online bulletin boards in second hand, animals, cars and more.Nekuda promoted on relevant search engines, provided competitor research and technical suggestion for improving ZVZ’s website. Nekuda also provided content recommendations, optimization of existing content and link building.
WatchDox - provides safe file and document exchange, whether it’s document sharing inside an organization or to other parties.Nekuda promoted WatchDox’s website on search engines, link building, provided content suggestions, and optimized the existing content.
Treato - A search engine specializing in medicine and medical treatments. finds relevant discussion groups and medical information.The project includes ongoing SEO recommendations.
SAP - provides business solutions and organizational applications optimizing organizational resources.The project includes ongoing SEO suggestions and statistical analysis.
Hoopa -  An online portal for newlyweds and engaged couples that includes various service providers for weddings such as designers, hairdressers and more.Nekuda managed paid Google campaigns such as adwords/PPC.
EZtrader -An online ecommerce platform for international users.Nekuda managed paid Google campaigns such as adwords/PPC.


Internet Solutions:

  • Web and Search Engine Marketing Solutions
  • Search Results Optimization (Paid and Organic)
  • Brand Management and Reputation Monitoring
  • Social Media Marketing, including SMO
  • Marketing Process Management and Assimilation
  • Target Oriented Marketing (Conversion)
  • Competition Research and Analysis

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