About Us

Who: Gilad Sasson
What: Internet Marketing
In Nekuda: CEO
How Long: 13 Years. Gilad has vast experience managing internet projects in competitive environments, specializes in organic and paid search marketing and targeted conversion marketing.
Why: The challenges, the ups, the downs and the ups.
Favorite Quote: “Coincidence is God’s way of remaining anonymous.” (Albert Einstein)

Who: Roni Calvo
What: SEO and internet marketing
In Nekuda: Project manager
How Long: 7 years (and it’s only the beginning)
Why: Because I didn’t think I would find such a dynamic profession that keeps changing and requiring you to think differently, inspect, dig, explore, expand.
Because I enjoy getting up every morning and going to work (and often retire straight to sleep)
Because  saying SEM SEM everyday is nothing but same same
Favorite Quote: “Anyone who keeps the ability to see beauty never grows old” (Franz Kafka)

Who: Shlomit Yossef
What: Content and marketing
In Nekuda: Content writer, links ninja and social media
How Long: 7 years
Why: Because it is the only job that does not tie me to the office chair
Favorite Quote:  “You look through your window. But wait. There is an article in that window. The various types of window, the history of the window […] houses without windows…” (V.S. Naipul)

Who: Rotem Yehuda
What: Graphic design and GUI
In Nekuda: administrative manager
How Long: Two years (and it’s only the beginning…)
Why: An attraction to a dynamic world where every work day you learn and find new things. Not boring for a minute 
Favorite Quote: “Knowledge speaks, but wisdom listens” ( Jimi Hendrix )

Who: Eitan Avital
What: Sales and marketing counseling
In Nekuda: Marketing and Sales manager
How Long: a year and a half (and still hungry)
Why: Because serving is a privilege

Who: Michal Hadar-Sharoni
What: Website optimization and management
In Nekuda: Project manager
How Long: Five years
Why: Farthest from routine, closest to home :)
Favorite Quote: God is in the details

Who: Aya Ruziak
What: Content and marketing
In Nekuda: Marketing content writer and optimizer
How Long: One year
Why: Being paid to babble is the perfect job…
Favorite Quote: Wish for the moon if you want to pass the mountain.

Internet Solutions:

  • Web and Search Engine Marketing Solutions
  • Search Results Optimization (Paid and Organic)
  • Brand Management and Reputation Monitoring
  • Social Media Marketing, including SMO
  • Marketing Process Management and Assimilation
  • Target Oriented Marketing (Conversion)
  • Competition Research and Analysis

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